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My name is Valentina Fulginiti. I moved from Italy to Canada in August 2009 to pursue a PhD in Italian Studies (yes, I’m cheating). I research linguistics, language interference, and many other topics. I originally started this blog in Italian, as a way to keep in touch with my friends back home, and give them some glimpses of my new Canadian life. As long as my journey progressed, I came to the realization that there are more interesting topics than my own immigration experience, and I started writing about apocalypse, science-fiction, cinema, pop culture, and politics (precisely in this order).

In this section, you will find the English version of some of the posts I’ve originally written in Italian. If writing in a second language is hard,  translating one’s own writing into another language is even harder. However, after living in Canada for 3 years, I am starting to feel confident enough to give it a try… and practice is the only way to improve anyways. I will not be able to produce a full English version of my blog: however, I will try to give some bites of my writing, selecting those entries that do not focus either on my private life (not that exciting) nor on Italian politics (ditto). Since I am not a native speaker of English, there might be some stylistic flaws or mistakes. Please point them out to me, by all means! Just don’t be too hard.

Happy reading.



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